Oak + Odyssey vs. Kayak



It’s time for another #cheaptravelchallenge! The purpose of this challenge is to show you how travel search engines don’t always find the cheapest route. They definitely do a great job if you have zero flexibility in your travel plans. But if you’re willing to budge on dates a bit or fly into a different airport, then the customization that Oak + Odyssey provides is the way to go :) Let’s get started!

The Challenge: Find the cheapest flights from Springfield, MO to Puerto Rico in October 2017.

The Competition: Kayak

The Results: The search on Kayak resulted in a $535 round-trip ticket from SGF to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Using Oak + Odyssey, I found a way to get from SGF to San Juan for a total of $355. 
By using Oak + Odyssey, you would save a total of $180. That's six tanks of gas, a pair of Ray-bans, or another weekend getaway! 

*Side note: Kayak is a great tool to use, however, this challenge is meant to show you that there are many workarounds and customizations that aren't picked up by search engines like Kayak. 

See the two flight itinerary comparisons below and be sure to book your next trip with Oak + Odyssey.

Happy Traveling