Oak + Odyssey is a blog, a business and a unique travel tool. Our company was created to show you how to do more and spend less. Whether it's a 24 hour Venice budget travel guide, remodeling a home with $2,000, homemade Sangria recipes, or cheap flights from Nashville to LA - we've got you covered. Enjoy deal alerts, travel tips, before and afters, featured destinations and more.

Here are a few of our most popular features:

1. Flight Finder - We take your desired destination and find you the cheapest flights available.

2. Places to Go - Going on a trip soon? Check out Places to Go and find out the best things to do at your future destination.

3. Travel Guides - Where to stay, what to do, how to get there and more.


Oak + Odyssey Home is our home decor and custom remodel brand. Check out the website here: Oak + Odyssey Home

Background: Growing up as a missionary kid I learned a lot about life and traveling. When it comes to my life, I think about all the opportunities I was given to experience different cultures, try new things and meet people from all over the world. None of this would have been possible if it wasn't for travel. As you all may already know, traveling can be expensive. This seems to be a determining factor for why a lot of people choose not to travel. How can you experience these amazing trips, when you can't afford it? As a missionary, you are on a strict budget. Most of my budget travel experience comes from watching and learning from my parents. They taught me how to travel cheap, what to bring and where to go. This allowed me to see at a young age how priceless traveling is. 


  1. Fill out and submit your Find me a Flight inquiry. Be sure to include your home airport and budget per person.

  2. I will do a brief search and send you a response email back with 1-3 itineraries. This itinerary will be flights that are currently available at the time of my search and will include the: date, time, airline and price.

  3. Feel free to book your flight using the flight itinerary I send or use that as a way to find a different flight later on.

  4. This service is designed to help show you where you can go for the cheapest price, and/or the best price for your desired destination. Not only will I send you several ready-to-book flight itineraries, I will also explain how I find these flights that way you can use my techniques in the future.

  5. If you would like additional assistance on your trip, please see my one-on-one travel rates and services here.