Our OaK + Odyssey Home Story

My husband, Tyler, grew up on a farm in the midwest and has spent the majority of his life working with his hands. From building a small work bench, to flipping several homes, his experience continues to grow and expand. Last year, we decided to take his woodworking skills and turn them into a business. We noticed how expensive trendy home decor was and wanted to offer it at an affordable rate. That is where our Etsy shop began :) I help with product ideas and Tyler brings them to life. We also offer custom designs and remodels. Tyler is a big proponent of reusing materials to build new, and refinishing old furniture instead of buying it from a store. Honesty, integrity and good customer service are very important to him and those traits can be found in every job he does. And if you’re wondering how on earth home decor relates to travel, let me tell you. The name of our business, Oak + Odyssey, incorporates both home decor (Oak) and travel (Odyssey). We are a husband/wife duo and those are two of our passions. Although, Tyler did not grow up traveling much, he enjoys learning about new cultures, exploring the history in each country and trying ALL the food. Traveling also inspires his home designs and helps keep his ideas fresh and relevant.

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