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New swimsuits are always a must when it comes to beach vacations. I was recently in Kauai and wanted to bring some new suits along with me. As you all probably know, December is not the best time to shop for swimsuits - and I have always had a hard time ordering swimsuits online. However, ASOS, once again, came through. I've ordered off ASOS a couple times and usually I like what I get. But the best thing about ASOS is that it's free shipping (on orders of $40+) AND free returns. I usually order more than I need and then return what doesn't fit. One of the suits I ordered was this gingham pom pop bikini and I loveeeed it. Very comfy and the high waisted bottoms definitely made me feel slimmer than I actually am :) 
Side note: I had never worn a high waisted swimsuit before because I always thought it would make my legs look extra large, but this one was perfect!

Total price for top and bottom = $45


Pink Corduroy


I am obsessed with this color pink! It is my new go-to color and is very pleasing to look at :) I brought this cute little jumper to Europe and wore it several times. The cool thing about it is it’s versatility. In Switzerland, I wore a black long-sleeve turtleneck underneath it, with tights and black booties. In Athens, Greece, I wore it with a white off-the-shoulder shirt and my faveeeee Steve Madden “dad shoes.” Another great thing was the price. I bought if for only $22 and it is great quality!

Pink One-Piece Please


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One-piece swimsuits are a big hit or miss for me. Thankfully this one-piece from ASOS was a nearly perfect fit and good quality. The suit doesn't have any padding, but it's not see-through. I wore it on our trip to Hawaii. I hiked in it and swam in it! You can also tie it in different ways. I knotted it, but you can leave it longer or tie it in a bow.

I bought this suit for $39, however it's now on sale for $29!

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